Our primary service is roof replacement.  Because we offer a ten-year workmanship warranty, we want to give you a product that we feel is the best quality.  We also aim to provide value for the products you are having installed on your roof.  As well as the best product warranty for peace of mind in the future regardless of the ten-year workmanship warranty, because you shouldn't have to be re-doing your roof any time soon again.


For metal roofing, we choose to stay local using Havelock Metal.  They have exceptional quality, several different styles and colours, great warranty programs and look amazing. With them being local and easy to access you can be sure for a fast delivery of product allowing for a quick start and completion on almost any project you want to be done.


For asphalt shingles, we feel that CertainTeed's products tick all the boxes.  The shingle that we apply most is the CertainTeed Landmark series shingles. It comes in 33 different colours and offers a lifetime warranty program providing you with extra assurance your roof will last. It is an architectural laminate shingle with a very pleasing look to the eye, a multiple layer design on each shingle to improve the thickness and provide a great quality product.


Please feel free to review CertainTeed's Landmark Brochure. Feel free to also review CertainTeed's Energy Star information.




Our background is in house building.  So even though we currently specialize in roofing, we can help you out with many other home maintenance situations.

We also do...
Cottage Maintenance

We have the background to help you with more than just the roof of your cottage.  We can solve many other repair problems.


We install Velux Skylights

Doors & Windows

We can also install doors and windows.

Eave Guards

We install Alu Rex Eave Guards and Eaves Trough systems


The primary focus of ATK is roofing.  However, Lee spent years both in cabinet making and home building.


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